A Worthy Mission for St. Francis College Prep...

North Star (1)

A Worthy Mission for St. Francis College Prep . . .

Earlier this week we explained that the vision for St. Francis College Prep is, “A tradition of faith, learning and leadership for the benefit of mankind.”

This vision is like the North Star, always on the horizon. It keeps us focused, it keeps us from straying, and it keeps us motivated. It also begs the question, “How do we get there?”

That is where our mission comes into play. The mission sets forth the manner by which St. Francis will fulfill its vision. Without the mission the vision is just a dream, never a reality.

Dr. Stephen Covey explains a mission statement best, it “clarifies what your purpose is, then you use that as the criterion by which you make decisions.” Our mission allows us to make the right decisions for the school each day, or the “how” we will fulfill our vision.

Like our vision, our mission statement is very intentional and very complimentary, “Saint Francis College Prep inspires students to leadership through a 21st Century education that is founded upon the Catholic faith and tradition.

Again, we want to “inspire” students to be tomorrow’s leaders. How do we do this? The answer comes in two parts:

First: We do this through a 21st Century Education. Simply put, St. Francis recognizes that the tools being used in education today, and the industry being fostered through that education need to be addressed. Modern technology offers constant access to information, social interaction, and the easy creation of shared digital content.

Students must develop strong character, critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills in order to be relevant in an increasingly changing, connected, and complex world. This will help our students be successful and it will allow them to be the leaders we envision.

Second: Far more importantly, we inspire students to leadership by fusing their education to their faith and its traditions. They learn that their meaning in life is connected to the Lord and His desire for us to love and serve one another, which is the most inspiring work of all.

Our vision and our mission are a direct affirmation of these words offered by St. Francis Xavier:

Would to God that these men who labor so much in gaining knowledge would give as much thought to the account they one day give to God of the use they have made of their learning and the talents entrusted to them . . .

There can be no mission more worthy than teaching students they will give an account.