St. Francis College Preparatory High School

A tradition of Faith, Learning and Leadership for the benefit of mankind.

St. Francis College Prep inspires students to servant leadership through a 21st Century education founded upon the Catholic faith.

St. Francis College Preparatory High School

Learners into Leaders


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St. Francis combines an innovative S.T.R.E.A.M. curriculum with an integrated service-focused program which highlights Parent Involvement to produce the Leaders of Tomorrow


What is St. Francis?

The culmination of an 20 year community-driven effort to bring high quality secondary education in the Catholic Tradition to the Temecula/Murrieta Valley, St. Francis College Preparatory is a private, nonprofit, college prep Catholic High School serving young men and women.

St. Francis is a learning community, with its primary focus not merely on facts and skills necessary for college and careers, but also on building the dignity of the young person; this connects their minds, hearts and souls to witness the truth beyond the facts so that their lives will be transformed, allowing them to go out and transform the world.

With an emphasis on parent-involvement, St. Francis realizes that all areas of the curriculum – theology, literature, history, math, science, music, language, and art – must be combined with the study of faith and reason, contributing to an adult who will stir others to encounter wisdom and develop virtue. It is through this innovative S.T.R.E.A.M. model that St. Francis students are prepared for servant leadership in the 21st Century.

Why St. Francis?


Percentage of Riverside & N. County Households that are Catholic

Catholic education is one of the most important challenges for the Church today in a culture that is undergoing constant transformation. Catholic educational institutions offer to all an approach to education that has as its aim the full development of the person . . .”   



Pope Francis, February 2014

Today’s educational environment seems to be missing an essential starting point: the nature of a young person and their ultimate purpose. However, the Catholic intellectual tradition is founded on this profound reality: that we are made in the image and likeness of God and we are created to be with Him forever.

Catholic education helps young people realize that the source of true happiness is found in God. With this in mind St. Francis College Preparatory seeks to foster the intellectual, moral and theological virtues, which make us fully human because they lead us to grow each day to be more and more like Christ.

St. Francis College Prep provides the excellent secondary education that families in this area have come to expect, without the burden of long commutes out of the area in order for their children to continue their education in the Catholic Tradition.

St. Francis Graduates Will Be . . .

1. Dedicated To The Practice Of Faith: By demonstrating an understanding of and respect for the Catholic faith; affirming the God-given dignity of each human being; displaying compassion towards others through care and service; participating in Christian prayer, worship, and celebratory liturgy; and embracing a Christian worldview for life’s aspirations.

2. Dedicated To A Life Of Learning: By demonstrating a desire to acquire and apply knowledge, and the ability to analyze, integrate and synthesize new information; embracing the arts as the expression of and connection to God and mankind and the relevance of science, technology, engineering and math for the benefit of humanity; investigating the deeper meaning in the development of higher level thinking skills.

3. Dedicated To Service Leadership: By demonstrating virtuous character rooted in the Catholic faith; displaying the ability to communicate effectively through various forms of expression; exhibiting critical thinking in making informed and balanced decisions; embracing the willingness to be accountable for words, actions and decisions; exhibiting the willingness to take initiative to transfer information and skills into action.

Where is St. Francis located?

Today, Southwest Riverside County, North County San Diego, and the Inland Valley areas are some of the fastest growing areas in the state and country. With this growth there is also a strong growing and thriving population of Catholics, and those with a strong faith, all of whom desire for a secondary education that includes excellent academics built on Christian principles. Many families are driving over 100 miles per day or boarding their children in neighboring counties to find a good Catholic high school. Despite this need, there is no Catholic high school in Southwest Riverside County.

With this in mind, the St. Francis permanent campus is to be located in the Murrieta/Temecula/Menifee area, with easy accessibility from the entire Southwest Riverside and North County areas, to all families who desire a faith-based education with an excellent academic program.

St. Francis College Preparatory High School

What is “STREAM”?

The St. Francis “STREAM” model recognizes the importance of 21st Century skills and STEM disciplines without the need for “Common Core” education. It also recognizes that a proper understanding and use of these skills and disciplines must be taught through the study of the arts and humanities. In this study students recognize that STEM only branches out of a need to benefit mankind, thus the “who” becomes focus.

More importantly, SFCP recognizes that the study of mankind must be predicated upon a standard of Christian truth. These truths are the roots of all studies and explain “why” the service of mankind is important.

With the infusion of arts (humanities) and religion (faith) the normal “STEM” education becomes “STREAM” and a strong holistic education is provided to each student who will then be trained to enter the 21st Century world as thinkers, communicators, servers and thereby leaders.

The St. Francis Culture

The primary vision and mission of St. Francis is the formation of tomorrow’s leaders who understand and recognize the need for living by and through their faith as they serve those around them. The overall process of formation while attending St. Francis is very intentional with the integration of faith in Christ in all parts of the curricular and extra-curricular aspects of the school. This leads to a purposeful and methodical development of the whole student, both in body and soul.

The St. Francis program is designed to ensure that each aspect of the student’s educational experience —  in the classroom, in the chapel, on the field or serving in the community on behalf of the school — has an intentional opportunity for the student to reflect upon their faith and their development as a whole person.

The key to the formative culture on and off campus is a complete experience that exposes each student to who Christ is which will inspire them to cherish and imitate Him and allow Christ to be Lord. In so doing they will draw others to Christ as well.

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