St. Francis College Preparatory High School FAQs:

Why is St. Francis College Preparatory High School Necessary for our Community?

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.” In other words, to really educate a person we must address the intellect AND we must address the spirit or soul, or that part of a person where his or her character resides. Why is this necessary?

President Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” In short, to teach young men and women volumes of information in the moral vacuum of secularism leads to an amoral use of that information and the degradation of culture. We are seeing this happening all around us today.

St. Francis College Prep understands the need for a formative education founded in the Catholic tradition of faith, community, excellence, and service to repair the ruins of today’s culture. Christian education allows students to understand the need for learning fully integrated in the light of faith.

Through such instruction St. Francis College Prep will produce young men and women who desire to use their gifts and knowledge to promote truth, beauty, and goodness here and abroad which is critical to the future of our community and world.

Who is opening St. Francis College Prep?

St. Francis is a community driven effort that goes back over twenty years, when Catholic parents in the Temecula/Murrieta Valley first  realized the need for secondary Catholic education here in the Inland Valley. A number of these same Catholic families are still involved today, and while it has been a long journey, we have seen the Lord bring things together in only a way He can.

St. Francis College Preparatory High School is governed by a Nonprofit Board of Directors which includes local business professionals, recognized educational leaders, and prominent members of the local community dedicated to bringing Catholic secondary education to the Valley. Please visit the About Us page to learn more about the SFCP Board of Directors.

Who is served by St. Francis College Prep?

St. Francis is a Nonprofit, Private High School in the Catholic tradition serving grades 9-12 (6-12 Proposed). Initial year enrollment may be limited to a few hundred 9th-11th grade students based on the current available space, but the completed program will be open to up to 1,500 students from the southwest Riverside and north San Diego Counties.

What is the Vision of St. Francis College Prep?

“A tradition of faith, learning and leadership for the benefit of mankind”

What is the Mission of St. Francis College Prep?

“Saint Francis College Prep inspires students to leadership through a 21st Century education that is founded upon the Catholic faith and tradition.”

What is the St. Francis Educational Philosophy?

The purpose of St. Francis College Preparatory High School (SFCP) is to lead, serve, motivate, and challenge our students to be strong in Catholic identity, which is centered in the Person of Jesus Christ and is expressed through spreading the message of the Gospel. To cultivate this in our students we are committed to: a strong Catholic worldview, academic excellence, the education of the whole student, a sustained Gospel witness, building a school community, and accessibility to all.

SFCP firmly believes that proper education begins in the home and that parents are ultimately responsible for a child’s education. SFCP also believes that institutions such as SFCP can and should be formed to partner with parents in this most worthy of family endeavors.

With the above in mind, SFCP is a lay Catholic co-ed preparatory high school committed to providing an excellent 21st Century education for its students founded upon the faith and tradition of the Catholic Church and its commitment to academic excellence.

To accomplish this worthy goal, SFCP has developed a “STREAM” model to ensure an understanding that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STrEaM), while critical to society, are to be used for the benefit of mankind as expressed through the arts (streAm) and that this can only be done properly when rooted in religion (stReam). Through this model SFCP strives to develop a tradition of faith, learning and leadership for the benefit of mankind.

What are the colors/mascot?

The St. Francis Knights have the colors of Blue and Gold

What is the Tuition for St. Francis College Prep?

Additional Financial Aid Information will be released soon. Please visit our Application Page and our Enrollment Page to learn more about  Tuition, Financial Policies, and FACTS Tuition Management and Grant & Aid Services.

What activities and sports will be available?

A limited offering of sports and activities are currently being reviewed by the Board of Directors and will be announced soon. Initial Year athletics/activities will be dependent on current student interest and demand. Additional information regarding proposed student activities and sports, as well as the full list of athletics/activities for subsequent school years will be disseminated soon – please stay tuned!

When will St. Francis College Prep begin classes?

St. Francis College Preparatory High School is currently researching Community Support and demand to determine the most feasible date and location for the start of classroom operations. Information will be shared as soon as it becomes available! Please visit our Homepage and fill out the “Contact Us” page to join our mailing list and be included on future communications regarding St. Francis College Prep.

When will the application materials be available?

Student enrollment application materials and instructions, including important dates and deadlines will be released 6-12 months prior to the enrollment deadline.

When will the permanent campus construction begin?

St. Francis College Preparatory High school is partnering with the City of Murrieta on the construction of a permanent campus in the central Murrieta I15/I215 corridor. City staff have demonstrated their support of the project and are working diligently with SFCP staff to address the project requirements and specifications. We look forward to announcing the start of construction on our innovative new campus!

St. Francis College Preparatory High School is much more than a building – we are a community-based school dedicated to transforming learners into leaders. Information regarding school campus facilities and classroom operations coming soon!

When are Family Information Meetings and Fundraising Events?

Community Information Meetings are held periodically and are viewable on the school’s Events Calendar. Seating is limited – please click here to reserve a seat at an upcoming Info Meeting.

Did you know that St. Francis College Preparatory High School is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization? Fundraising events are one way that members of the community can join us in our mission to inspire students to servant leadership through a 21st Century education founded upon the Catholic faith. Please visit our Giving Events page to learn more about upcoming Fundraising events!

Where can I send mail for St. Francis?

The current mailing address for St. Francis is:
25185 Madison Avenue, Suite #A
Murrieta, CA 92562

How can I get involved?

St. Francis College Prep will truly succeed with the support of our entire community! With gifts of time, talent and treasure we will meet our goal of excellence and be able to serve all those who desire the incredible education St. Francis offers. For information on donations of time, talent, or treasure please refer to our Giving Page. You may also complete the SFCP Volunteer Registration Form to look for upcoming Volunteer opportunities or give your contact information to SFCP Volunteer Coordinators.

How do I get additional information?

Please contact us via the Contact Us section on the homepage, email or call (951)251-0327.