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The St. Francis College Preparatory High School mission is to “inspire students to leadership through a 21st Century education that is founded upon the Catholic faith and tradition.” A 21st Century education addresses the technology being used in education today, and the changes in industry as a result of that technology.

For instance, the July 2014 edition of Economist magazine reported over 47% of all jobs will be automated in the next two decades. This is why we have all seen an increases emphasis on STEM — science-technology-engineering-math – education, and this is why St. Francis recognizes our duty to prepare our students accordingly. However, St. Francis also recognizes that STEM alone is not enough.

While Science, Technology, Engineering and Math knowledge is critical to society, that knowledge must be used for the benefit of mankind as expressed through the arts (streAm), which can only be done properly when rooted in religion (stReam). Through this model, SFCP strives to develop a tradition of faith, learning and leadership for the benefit of mankind and is why we are committed to a STREAM — science-technology-RELIGION-engineering-ARTS-math – education. This is why our mission statement declares that the 21st Century Education we offer is “founded upon the Catholic faith and tradition.” We understand that the STEM education must be rooted in faith for the service of God and his creation and to put these pieces in place we must teach faith and the humanities as well.

Interestingly, experts watching the trends in technology and industry are beginning to understand this as well. In fact, when commenting on the changes in technology and industry, Oracle group vice president, Meg Bear, said that, “Empathy is the critical 21st Century skill.”

In other words, with all the changes technology is bringing, the most critical skill our students must have is the ability to care for and understand people; and to care for people properly we have to understand the value of people . . . they are made in the image of God.

This is why St. Francis is ideal for your student and his or her future. The Educational Philosophy understands the need to prepare them for the changes ahead, but more importantly, recognizes the need to ground them in Biblical truth. Please visit the SFCP Knight’s Blog to read even more about the SFCP Educational Philosophy.

St. Francis College Preparatory High School Accreditation

St. Francis College Prep will be seeking official accreditation through the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and College (WASC).

Accreditation requires continual self-evaluation and monitoring of programs and operations in relation to the impact on student learning and periodic external review. This process is voluntary but we believe it is necessary for three reasons:

First, through WCEA and WASC St. Francis will complete a very in-depth self-study regarding: educational excellence; Catholic identity; organizational health; curriculum and instruction; student support services; and use of resources. St. Francis will benefit from this process and it will help St. Francis establish a roadmap for continual improvement far into the future.

Second, through the accreditation process the community is assured that St. Francis has been evaluated extensively and conforms to the expectations of performance and quality with integrity.

Third, our students can be assured that their school has been reviewed and the educational programs that are offered have been evaluated for quality as then look to college enrollment.


Sample Curriculum & Course List


The St. Francis Course List is a reflection of three areas:

  1. The Catholic faith and Bishop’s Curriculum
  2. The STREAM education model
  3. State of California “A-G” course requirements


The “a-g” course requirements are those type of courses that are required by the University of California (UC) and Cal State University (CSU) systems as basic entry requirements. Without meeting “a-g” course requirements a student can have a very difficult time entering the UC or CSU systems. In short, the “a-g” requirements require students to take 4 years of English, 3 years of math, and other such courses to ensure a strong base for college entrance.

Due to the way that the “a-g” requirements are set forth “religion” courses are considered “electives”. However, it is very important to note that St. Francis students are required to take a religion course each year, completing four years of religion courses, and religion is integrated and weaved through every course . Not only is this important for the formative Catholic education in general, but these courses are integral to the overall STREAM model that St. Francis offers. The STREAM model of education also requires that St. Francis students will take a STREAM course each of their four years as well.  These are designed to progressively help students understand how they can integrate their faith into a 21st Century world for the benefit of mankind.

Please review the Sample Course List for a preview of courses which will be offered.

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