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St. Francis is an IRS recognized NonProfit Public Benefit, Charitable Educational Organization within the meaning of IRS Section 501(c)(3). As a community led effort, we know we are only able to achieve our mission by the Lord’s grace and with your generous continued support!


How to Give

Here at St. Francis College Preparatory High School we are working very hard to inspire young men and women through a solid 21st Century education in the Catholic tradition of faith, community, excellence, service and leadership for humanity. This is a worthy calling and we know we are only able to do so by the Lord’s grace and with your generous support!

In order to provide this level of education we need the proper resources including faculty, curriculum, equipment, technology and facilities. Of course, this takes a tremendous amount of support and we depend on His Spirit to move in the hearts of people like you to provide these vital gifts.

St. Francis College Preparatory High School is a Parent/Community led effort; you can help make a significant difference today by joining us in supporting St. Francis as we work to fulfill our vision for a tradition of faith, learning and leadership for the benefit of mankind.

You can give of your time, talent or treasure to show your support for the vision and mission of St. Francis College Prep and the students to whom we are dedicated!

Give of Your Time and Talent

Are you one of those who the Lord has blessed with the gift of hospitality? Do you have the time to host a coffee in your home for a small informational gathering about St. Francis?

If you would be willing to open up your home to host an intimate gathering for families in your area who are interested in more information about the plans for St. Francis, please fill out this quick informational form and we will contact you to set up just such a meeting!

Volunteer Opportunities

St. Francis is committed to transforming learners into leaders. A critical component of this effort is service. It is for this reason that the act of service will not be a theoretical discussion or a favored platitude for St. Francis College Prep students. Instead, service will be part and parcel of their daily education and expectations. St. Francis also depends on the volunteer service of students’ families to complete its mission to “inspire students to leadership through a 21st Century education that is founded upon the Catholic faith and tradition”. We need YOU!

The St. Francis Knights hosted our first food drive to benefit St. Martha’s Food Pantry on Saturday December 5th from 8am to 5pm at Vons Market on Sky Canyon Drive in Murrieta. Board and Staff, with lots of assistance from kids in the Catholic home school community and some helpful Boy Scouts collected 2010 Pounds of Food to donate to St. Martha’s Community Food Pantry, helping to feed the 700 families that rely on the Pantry each week! Special thanks to the very gracious Murrieta Community for their generous donations, and to John Ingram, Murrieta City Councilman who secured a box truck to use to collect the food.

Additional Volunteer Events and Service Projects will be announced soon, but willing volunteers are always in demand! To volunteer to help the Knights, please click the “volunteer here” link below.

Request Bishop’s Support

St. Francis College Preparatory High School is a community-led effort to bring another choice for world-class secondary education in the Catholic Tradition to the Temecula/Murrieta Valley. As such, we are asking that any local Catholic families, who have the heart to do so, please express their support for St. Francis and request the Diocese of San Bernadino support and bless this project as well, for the benefit of the millions of local Catholic residents for whom a viable Catholic High School option does not exist. Together, we can ensure our children have access to the best faith-based curriculum in the Catholic Tradition all the way through their high school years!


Bishop's support Letter

Please complete and mail or email the attached sample LETTER, or contact the Bishop’s Office at the Diocese of San Bernadino to express your support for St. Francis College Preparatory High School!

Most Reverend Gerald R. Barnes, Diocese of San Bernadino, Office of the Bishop

1201 E. Highland Avenue

San Bernadino, CA, 92404-4641

Give of Your Treasure

Did you know that St. Francis College Preparatory High School is an IRS Recognized Public Benefit, Nonprofit, Charitable Educational Organization within the meaning of IRS Section 501(c)(3), and all charitable donations a tax deductible?

Did you also know that there are over 1,000,000 Catholics in our region? If every Catholic in the area were willing to give just $12.00 per month – the equivalent of one cup of coffee per week – we can fulfill our vision and mission of graduating over 500 students per year who are equipped to lead in faith and service for a better tomorrow!

Please consider joining with St. Francis to bring the highest quality secondary education in the Catholic Tradition to the Temecula/Murrieta Valley!

Give On The Line

Whether you want to give a one-time gift, set up automatic monthly giving, or simply shop and have a portion of your purchase donated back to St. Francis, donating online is quick, easy, and secure.

Give by Mail

Please print and fill out this form, and mail your gift to us at the address below along with your check or credit card information.

St. Francis College Preparatory
25185 Madison Avenue, Suite #A
Murrieta, California 92562

Give by Phone

You can call us at 951-251-0327 to give your gift over the phone.